New authors can be overwhelmed by all that is required when publishing a book. While many literary agents work with a large volume of clients, Captive Ink Media only focuses on three clients at a time. We are dedicated to working closely with our clients and sharing the knowledge and expertise that have made ourselves and our clients successful. We will be with you every step of the way - from concept to marketplace and beyond.

For a budding author, publication changes your life in more ways than you may realize. Your work represents you, as an expert, advocate and an individual with a powerful story. It is not only about getting your name in print, it is about changing countless lives through sharing experiences, insight, and inspiration. This is the fundamental purpose of Captive Ink Media.

The Southeast is ripe with talent, potential and many stories that need to be told. With our combined experience, we are rapidly developing authors in the region. We have provided exposure for clients estimated at over $12 million. Some of our high profile clients have included third-tier presidential candidates, nationally recognized political pundits, authors, inventors and motion picture companies.

Our goal is to be the affordable alternative to the “big box” literary agencies; to meeting face to face and working hand in hand with aspiring writers. Before we were Captive Ink Media, we were you. Let us help you change your life, one chapter at a time.

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The O’Reilly Factor
Fox & Friends
Fox News Live
The Live Desk
Coast to Coast
The Situation with Tucker Carlson
Hardball with Chris Matthews
Headline News
The Situation Room  w/Wolf Blitzer
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Several dozen Local News Stations nationwide


The Michael Reagan Show
Fox News Radio
The G. Gordon Liddy Show
Joseph Farrah
Tammy Bruce
Alan Colmes
Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn
Air America

Over 500 local radio shows across the country


The Los Angeles Times
Human Events
World Net Daily
Child Magazine
The Nation
The Chicago SunTimes
Congressional Quarterly
The New York Times
Wall Street Journal,
Harpers Magazine
US News & World Report
Gannett News Service
The London Telegraph
The Hindustan Times
The Washington Times
Publisher’s Weekly
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Toronto Globe …

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