Filming for Trailer of Series Set in Charlotte to Begin Next Month

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The Queen City is the backdrop of a new paranormal thriller fiction seriesSons of Charlotte: Torn, the first in the fiction novel series, is a thriller that dances between 1966 Charlotte and 1996 Charlotte ending present day and is written by authors AnnaMarie Cantrell, Dr. Matthew Chavis, and Dana Lynn. With plot twists and turns that include attempted murder, stolen identity, and corporate wars sprinkled with a little romance, Torn has already had grumblings of being a new cult classic and is currently being shopped for a television series.

“There has been so much interest in moving the series to the big screen, we decided to put the cart before the horse and knock out the trailer ahead of time,” said Lynn.

Screen Actors Guild member, award-winning actor and producer Heather Place has already been cast by the trio to play the role of Elizabeth Wheaton, a battle-ax of the Charlotte corporate scene. “Her exceptional talent and experience make her a natural choice for the complex and intriguing role of Elizabeth,” said Chavis. Place has worked as a professional actress for over 25 years in theatre, film, television and as a voice-over artist.  She is a Charlotte-based Executive Producer and Managing Partner of Four Leaf Features, LLC.

All three authors have ties to Charlotte and are hoping to bring more attention to the area. The Sons of Charlotte enterprise also prides itself as minority and women-owned.

The main characters in Torn are Charlotte natives Tony Malone (a fire chief) and Chuck Thomas, a graphic design entrepreneur.  After a head injury on the basketball court, Malone confides in his best friend and captain about a strange dream he had while unconscious. His friend brushes it off as related to his injury, but Malone begins to experience more phenomena with these new memories, unbeknownst to his wife. He struggles to live with his secret until a catastrophic fire opens up a whole new world. Thomas begins his ascent to greatness at a graphic design firm headed by Elizabeth Wheaton.  A series of his immoral decisions leaves Wheaton with a raging vendetta. The playboy eventually meets Valerie Meyers, a shy girl with a complicated past, and the two marry.  Their idyllic life is halted by a suspicious brush with death leaving Valerie once again picking up the pieces. Literally torn between two worlds, Valerie must once again deal with the loss of her husband and come to terms with what happened to Chuck Thomas and who Tony Malone really was.

“We have a couple of actors we are narrowing down for Chuck, but haven’t made a final decision yet,” said Cantrell.  They hope to have all roles filled by the end of July.

Open casting calls for all other roles are currently underway. Potential cast members can find out more information by contacting Captive Ink Media.

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